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Goldstar strives to achieve superior risk adjusted returns through targeted value-add, core-plus and select opportunistic industrial, office and multifamily real estate acquisitions in the Washington DC and Mid-Atlantic area; particularly mid-market properties which are too small for institutional buyers and too large for private investors. We place strong emphasis on properties located in submarkets where we believe in the localized economic growth story.


Goldstar focuses on implementing a value-add strategy for multifamily properties in submarkets with greater than average growth and high barriers to entry for new development. Multifamily offers investors significant depreciation benefits, making it an attractive vehicle for high net worth individuals seeking tax advantageous investments.

Historically, multifamily has low volatility compared to other real estate types and has outperformed other property types during economic downturns.


Goldstar focuses on value-add and core-plus office properties which can be repositioned through curing inefficient property management and physical deficiencies. Investment periods for office holdings are typically between 2-5 years.

Office properties tend to correlate positively with economic expansion and in inflationary periods.

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