About Us


The Goldstar Group (“GS”) is a privately held firm strategically focused on commercial real estate investments and services on behalf of its clients and principals. Primarily focused in the Washington DC metropolitan area, our core capabilities include acquisitions, development, asset and property management, advisory services and capital markets transactions. Founded in 1995, Goldstar has over 17 years of experience investing, developing and managing all classes of real estate and financial products on behalf of our clients. Goldstar is a boutique firm and as such operates in a nimble and efficient manner, while offering the in-house experience and capabilities of a large firm.




goldstar_about2In the mid-1990s, Goldstar advised investment banks on their commercial real estate loan portfolios, bridging the gap between real estate operators and Wall Street. During this time, the firm acted as an asset manager for loan portfolios with values in excess of $250 million. In an effort to best serve its client’s needs, Goldstar created a multifamily management company to service a foreclosed loan collateralized by 3,000 apartment units throughout the Southwest. Those initial management assignments quickly led to additional opportunities, and Goldstar transformed its business model from “advisory” to “principal” and began purchasing, repositioning and developing real estate assets in the Washington, DC Metropolitan region. Shortly thereafter, Goldstar started the first of a series of discretionary funds providing co-investment capital to purchase value add real estate properties with institutional partners. Goldstar’s current business model is to source investor equity on a deal by deal basis.